About Our Team

Colin Byrne

Colin is one of the golfing world’s leading caddies and has spent the last 30 years travelling the globe working with some of the best international players. He is currently caddying for Ernie Els and when he is not caddying his excellent journalistic talents can be seen in The Irish Times. Over many years Colin has written hundreds of   articles helping readers to get an insight into the USPGA and The European Tour.

He has also written two books Bagman 1 and Bagman 2 both of which were very successful. When he is not away working Colin plays most of his golf in Royal Dublin Golf Club off a very respectable 6 handicap.

He has a unique insight into how the best players perform and is keen to share this knowledge with amateurs of all levels. We may not drive the ball 300 yards but how we should manage the challenge of a golf course is no different than how the best professionals strategize on the golf course.

The collaboration with Karl McCullagh on this unique book is to share what he has learnt with all golfers both male and female.

Karl McCullagh

Karl has been a golfer since he could lift a golf club and has spent most of his golfing life playing off a handicap of between 5 and 8. He is also a member of the Royal Dublin Golf Club and usually most of his rounds are spent playing in the wind on this great old links course.

Both Colin and Karl grew up in Dublin, Ireland and this is where they both currently live. They have been friends since their teens and are both passionate about golf and how to maximise your performance.

Karl has always fitted golf around a working life in sales and marketing and raising a family.  He is very knowledgeable about the game of golf and is probably better at sharing information with friends and colleagues than actually reaching his full potential as a golfer.

This book has been a wonderful opportunity for us to share something that we truly believe will have a great impact on producing lower scores with the minimum of effort.